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Anecdote_The Ant

ant Retin-A online Cytotec generic A: ant, B: ball, C: crying, D: diligent, E: eat, F: foots, G: grow up

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I have pet, my pet is ant. The hobby of my ant is playing ball. But he can’t kick it because the ball is too big from him. Sometimes he is crying, because every time he plays ball, he always be pinned under it. But, my ant is a diligent animal. He always drinks milk before sleeping, and he always eats much and carries out sports in the morning. He does it because he hopes to have long foots for kicking ball and being fast to grow up. (by Titen Akasiwi)


Topics for Mid-TEST

Hello, my dear students

I would purchase Lamisil like to inform you that topics for SIBI Mid-Test are

Lesson 1 – 6

please study hard and give your best effort on your test 🙂 GOOD LUCK!

Boyle’s Law Illustrations in Reallife

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Task: Listening II for BM

Download the worksheet in:

buy Albendazole online buy Aciclovir http://www.4shared.com/file/fTR1p4Fi/tugas_listening_II_BM.html

Please fill the blanks with YOUR OWN HANDWRITING, submit it in our next meeting.


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