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Task: Listening II for BM

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Please fill the blanks with YOUR OWN HANDWRITING, submit it in our next meeting.


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Listening 1 for Bidik Misi

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1. Why does the man want to talk with the woman?

a. To ask her to help him study for the exam

b. To get some handouts for a class he has missed

c. To clarify his understanding of the review session

d. To find out her opinion of Professor Carson

2. Why does the woman think that the review session will be helpful?

a. Because she has some questions that she wants to ask professor

b. Because Professor Carson will tell them some of the test questions

c. Because it helps to hear the answers to questions that other people ask

d. Because she needs an individual conference with the professor

3. Why does the man decide to go to the review session?

a. Because the review session will make up for absences

b. Because the woman convinces him that it is a good idea

c. Because the professor has recommended the session

4. Listen again to part of the conversation. Then answer the following question.

Woman buy Propranolol : He said he wasn’t going to take attendance.

Man : Yeah, but still …

Woman : It’s a fairly order metoclopramide large class.

Why does the man say this; “Yeah, but still …”?

a. He thinks that the professor will notice if a student is absent.

b. He agrees with the woman about the attendance policy

c. He wants to change the subject that they are discussing.

d. He tries to encourage the woman to explain her opinion

Taken from: Listening Review buy Propranolol online of TOEFL IBT Sections

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