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don’t forget!!!!!!!!!!

Jumat, 26 Februari 2010

 A girl is walking into a traditional marketing in a hurry to buy everything for lunch. Because her mother in the house is waiting for her. On the way, suddenly she is meeting her love. She looks shy and happy. The boy tries to approach her. The girl forgets that she has to go to the traditional market. Her boy wants to invite her to having a date. She is really forgetting her duty. So, she decides to go to with him. They go to a restaurant for having a lunch. The girl doesn’t realize that her mother is annoyed with her because her younger brothers are starving and crying.

The girl and the boy go to the cinema. They want to watch a new film. They are very enjoying it. Proscar without prescription Afterward, they go around in a grand mall for shopping. When the girl is entering the supermarket, she realizes that she has duty to buy everything for her family’s lunch. She knows that is evening. But she still buys them. Her love is confused when he looks at his girlfriend buys vegetables, fruits, some of chill, onion, garlic and so on. His girl says that she wants to prepare a dinner for her family. The boy is admired to his girlfriend, because she always reminds her family everywhere she is.

Finally, Accutane online buy isotretinoin the boy delivers her girlfriend to her home. She arrives at her home. She is confused because her house seems quiet. Where is everyone? She opens the door and walks into dining room. She is surprised. She finds much ruin of many foods and drinks on the table. She goes to the kitchen and finds her mother. She asks to her mother what has been happened. But, her mother just smiles and then she explains that just now her family has been sent a lot of kinds of delicious foods and drinks from her neighbors. Because they couldn’t bear to hear voices of crying from her younger brothers so they decided to give foods and drinks. But her family doesn’t remain them for the girl. Because of forgetting her family, so her family forgets her! What a pity!!!!!